"chic o mat - an interactive system for the problematization of identity and picture perception of adolescents"

In the present we are experiencing an increased meaning of identity by the media. By media and quasi-industrial use of portraits and biographical characteristics, identity becomes more unequivocal, more rigid and clearly focused on recognition. The chic-o-mat calls this new regime playfully into question by breaking up the undoutedly authority of the portrait.

The planned research attempted to analyse the potential of the artistic interactive system chic-o-mat for students in adolescence.

The research was essentially concerned about the discourses on"identity" as well as the image science in context of visual culture theory.

Rejected in June 2013


Hans Belting translated by Thomas Dunlap: An Anthropology of Images: Picture, Medium, Body, Princeton Univ Pr, 2011
" We must address the image not only as a product of a given medium, be it
photography, painting, or video, but also as a product of our selves, for we
generate images of our own (dreams, imaginings, personal perceptions)
that we play out against other images in the visible world."
Belting 2011, 2