Kate Burgener (CH/UK) works as an artist on gender, terrorism and cultural studies issues in multimedia projects like the chic-o-mat, in videoworks like beheaded hostage (2005), Gender Watch (2004), Bitch, Bride and Bones (2000) and in digital image processing like chit-chats (2010/2011), Vanderford King (2005), a parent (2004), and likeness (2001).

Graduated in 2005 as "Executive Master of Cultural & Gender Studies in Art, Media and Design at the Zurich University of the Arts. Master's thesis: poses of terror, analysis and criticism of media productions

Since 2006 lecturer in Visual Arts and Art Education IVP NMS University of Education Berne.

Since April 2010 Art workspace in PROGR - as a sponsoring award by the city of Berne for four years. PROGR is a centre for cultural production.


" En étrange pays dans mon pays lui-même." Louis Aragon
Aragon: La Diane française suivi de En étrange pays dans mon pays lui-même. Paris: Éditions Seghers, 1962