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On the one hand chic-o-mat is inspired by the Queer Theory and on the other hand based on the theoretical foundations of Julia Kristeva's “Strangers in Ourselves”, who formulated the experience of difference with reference to Freud’s theory of the uncanny as an intersubjective construction. „Strangely, the foreig- ner lives within us: ..By recognizing him within our- selves,...The foreigner comes in when the conscious- ness of my difference arises, and he disappears when we all acknowledge ourselves as foreigners,...“

Refering to the Cultural Studies a further development will be a colored implementation and an im- plementation on children's faces. (research project)

The large number of stored and automatically generated images from the various exhibitions shows people who have never existed and yet if the results are good, we encounter people who seem real to us.

> interactive system for diversity research

Krass Andreas: Queer denken. Gegen die Ordnung der Sexualität.
Frankfurt am Main, 2003
Julia Kristeva, Fremde sind wir uns selbst (Strangers to Ourselves)
suhrkamp Verlag Frankfurt am Main, 1990