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Kate Burgener (CH/UK) Artistic and Creative Management
artistic research on topics like gender and terrorism. Graduated 2005 as “Ex.Master of Cultural & Gender Studies in Art, Media and Design" at the University of the Arts Zurich. Lecturer in Visual Design IVP NMS Universtiy of Education Berne

in cooperation with:

Juerg Luedi (CH) Corporate Design
artistic work on social-political topics like housing, leisure, work and racisme. Graduated at the"Ecole Supérieure d’Art Visuel” ESVA Genève (1991) and as Multimedia Coordinator (2003). Informationmanager at Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation SDC.

Michael Nussbaum (D)Technische Umsetzung & Programmierung
Michael Nussbaum, Diplom-Ingenieur für Elektrotechnik, Universität
Dortmund, als Softwareentwickler und Projektleiter im Bereich
Telekommunikation und Mobile Devices tätig.

> interactive system for diversity research